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AmandaMarquez: WhatChangeAreYouAdvocatingFor

There is No Option to "Exit"... you have Got to Use your Voice!

For Writing Project #3, you are going to be asked to compose an Op-Ed writing assignment where you will need to advocate for an issue that you think deserves more attention from the public. Your task will be to use your "voice" as a budding sociologist to do so. To help you be more prepared for your Learning Community B courses when you return from the break, please answer the following questions as fully as possible

1.) What do you want to change? What are you trying to get readers to know/understand about your topic/issue?

2.) What do you want people to do? What kind of change are you advocating?

3.) What evidence do you have to support your argument? What types of sources have you found that help prove your argument? .

Be as detailed as possible, I am going to be offering feedback on your writing.

Hint: My feedback might just help you structure your argumentative outline. Just sayin'.

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