They all starved??!! What went down in Colonial Virginia?( Let's discuss!)

  • Questions, comments, concerns?
  • Finding the Historical Context in Chapter 2: Bacon and Berkeley
    • Today we will focus on the first half of Hollitz's essay: Revolt on the Virginia Frontier AND Wooster's 2 class lectures on the development of Colonial Virginia.
    • So, what exactly should we all be getting out of the lecture and text, so far?
    • Let's break it down together!
    • Break into groups of three! Each group will be assigned a specific box on the handout. Using your lecture notes on the "Virginia: Land of Profits" lecture, your task is to fill it out the appropriate information that you think helps best explain how the events in Virginia played out. What key terms from your lecture notes and Exam I Study guide could you mention/discuss in your specific section?
    • Once you and your group have come to a consensus on your specific section, I need for you to fill in your assigned "box" with the appropriate details.
    • Class discussion/ recap! Let's fill in the gaps- if there are any! :)
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