First-Year Symposium is...

  • A public display of writing/composing/creation/argument/research by first-year students at the end of their first term. Like a giant science fair, First-Year Symposium requires all first-year students to create something, based on written work that uses media, technology, and/or creative presentation to display their fall semester research projects for a mixed, general, academic audience.
  • For Learning Community E you will be presenting on all of the research you have conducted related to your Reacting to the Past topics and the research you conducted in completing Writing Project 4 for Composition.

Where and when will FYS take place?

  • Thursday,November 30th from 9:00-3:00pm- all Learning Community M students will participate in FYS.
  • You will sign up in your presentation groups to present in 30 minute time slots to present the research you have completed in Composition.
    • You will sign up for these time slots this week in Composition!
  • Seminar, Composition WILL NOT meet on Thursday, Nov. 30th. Prof. Bray, Dr. Martin and I will be there to assist you during your presentation time slots! :)