The time has come for you to share your historical knowledge! (Make Wooster proud!)

Please place yourself into groups of 4-5. Each group will receive mock exam essay questions(created by yours truly) for Exam 3 that are based on the lecture topics Dr. Wooster has covered thus far. Using your lecture notes, Contending Voices textbook, etc. your group's task is to answer the prompts as FULLY as you can. Provide the CORRECT and RELEVANT details in the outline that has been provided in the handout.

Once you have completed that task, your group will then need to prepare a 4-5 minute "presentation" where you share the information on your topic with your classmates. Everyone in your group will need to teach a portion of the outline to your classmates. You will need to incorporate an effective visual to accompany your "presentation."

The group that does the most effective job will be HANDSOMELY rewarded! :) Just sayin'.

Winners of this challenge will be announced during Compinar next Tuesday, April 25th. :)