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Ethical Reasoning Final Project

Description of Facilitation Assignment:

Facilitations allow you and your group to take control of the classroom and to teach the material in whatever way you think is best and most interesting. You will spend about ten to twenty minutes presenting the material you have chosen. Feel free to assign a short reading assignment to the class in advance. Spend the next ten to twenty minutes facilitating a creative, engaging activity that allows your classmates to understand, absorb and process the content. Take it seriously but you may also have fun! E.g.: Help your peers to: stage a play, create related poetry, have discussion groups, write tweets, produce artwork, design or play puzzles or games, etc. Facilitations are worth 20% of your Seminar grade.

GROUP ONE, October 17.

GROUP TWO, October 19.

GROUP THREE, October 24.

GROUP FOUR, October 26.

GROUP FIVE, October 31.

GROUP SIX, November 2.

GROUP SEVEN, November 7.