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AmyCarter: MondayApril1st

Mini-Survey re: Learning Community Goals

At the beginning of the semester, the learning community professors in our LC set out with these goals:

1. Encourage students to explore the concept of citizenship;

2. Introduce students to alternative forms of participation;

3. Increase students' knowledge of political subcultures; and

4. Inspire students to develop an appreciation for volunteering in the community.

How are we doing in meeting these goals? On your piece of paper mark each goal with a + or -. On the back of the paper, feel free to provide comments. Thank you!


9 am: Sierra Russell and Rubi Garcia; Joreelyn Jackson

10 am: Grady; Sydney Harrison

Noon: Kaitlyn Emma Davenport’s Group and Cierra Altamirano’s Group

1 pm: Paulina Zamora’s Group

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