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Research Ideas:

I. Library quick search

II. Google scholar

III. Using bibliographies to search

IV. Undergraduate journals (PS: Political Science)

V. Museum, non-profit, and other academic websites
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I. SSS visits;

Integrated Assignment Reflection Prompts: To Get You Started

. Why did you initially choose this service project? What were your interests?

2. How did you find the organization? What were your original thoughts about the organization?

3. What is the organization’s stated purpose and/or vision?

4. With whom did you work across the time of your service? How did they represent the organization?

5. What other organizations serve this population? At the local, state and national level? What does your research suggest are the major challenges associated with this population?

6. Do you think your chosen organization has a good reputation in the community? Based on your brief time working with the organization, is it meeting its goals? If not, why not and where is it falling short?

7. How is your chosen organization limited by competing social or political forces in town?

8. What stigmas does the served population face among the broader community?

9. Briefly describe the work you did with the organization (time, place, scope, manner). If appropriate, provide pictures.

10. How difficult was it to apply to volunteer at your chosen organization? Is this process justified, in your opinion?

11. What did you learn about teamwork during this experience?

12. What did you learn about humanity during this experience?

13. What did you learn about citizenship and civic duty during this experience?

14. If you had to do this all over again, what would you do differently?
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I. SSS visits;