I. Logistical announcements, etc;

II. Discussion of reading;

III. Discussion of university-life rituals; and

IV. Mini-homework assignment for next week (time allowing, walk to CASA).

1) Read The Lottery;


2) Identify one strange or unexplained ritual you see in university life or on the TAMU--CC campus.


1. The lottery is _____________.

2. When should you push back against a tradition you don't support?

3. Why does Mrs. Hutchinson think the first drawing isn't fair? Is she correct in this assessment?

4. Why do the men of the families draw?

5. Re: Old Man Warner's comment about how people used to be: Do our ethical obligations to each other change over time?

6. Does the Hutchinson family have an ethical obligation to protect Tessie (the mother and wife) from being stoned? Why is the family's allegiance with the ritual over the Tessie, the person?

7. What are some possible stories of origin for the lottery? Pure speculation here. Do any of these stories provide an ethical defense of the ritual?