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Alexxis Abad: Drive Theory
Alexxis Abad: Drive Theory (POSTPONED)
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Joseph Monroy: Escape Theory
Joseph Monroy: Escape Theory (POSTPONED)

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Mckenzey Fox: Control Theory
Mckenzey Fox: Control Theory (POSTPONED UNTIL NEXT TUESDAY)
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Mckenzey Fox: Control Theory

Jake Lindner: Drive Theory

Hunter Winstead: Expectancy Theory

Jose Urvina: Escape Theory

Joseph Monroy: Escape Theory
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Tentative Presentation Schedule:

9:30 AM:

Caleb Walker: Drive Theory

Victoria Perez: Drive Theory

Alexxis Abad: Drive Theory

Craig Anderson: ERG Theory

Dylan Rodela: ERG Theory

12:30 PM:

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Dear Class:

Please consider filling out this survey (see below). It closes on 3/23. The seminar with the highest participation rate wins a pizza party! Thanks!


FYRC Details:

The application for the 2018 First-Year Research Conference is now available. The 2018 FYRC application is availablehere, and the webpage is located here. Applications are due by noon on March 23, 2018. If you are interested in presenting on a panel with others who are also presenting on "Motivation" check the 45-minute panel box and put the word "Motivation" in the title of your presentation. You may also present on your own in a fifteen minute slot as well--it is up to you! please read the instructions carefully!