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Guided reading questions Parts 3 and 4:

1. How does Anne end up at Natchez College? Why does she feel like she is in prison there?

2. Who is Keemp?

3. How is Anne's experience at Tougaloo College different from her experience at Natchez College?

4. What is the SNCC? What sorts of things does the group do?

5. Why does Mama forbid Anne from attending the NAACP convention?

6. Who is Medgar Evers? How does he die?

7. What happens at the Woolworth's lunch counter? Can you find a picture of Anne Moody at the sit-in on the Internet?

8. In what ways does Jackson, Mississippi become "the hotbed of racial demonstrations in the South?"

9. What does Anne learn from her work with CORE? Describe some of Anne's interactions with Reverend King (MLK).

On page 308 Moody calls him "Reverend Ed King" and I don't see how that could be used as a nickname for him. Also, on page 334, Moody says, "There were five of us, three whites (Reverend King, his wife, and Joan Trumpauer),..." --Meagan Blair

10. Does non-violence work for the activists? Why or why not?

11. How is Anne affected by the assassination of President Kennedy?

12. What is Anne saying at the end of the book? Is she hopeful or hopeless?