A reminder about holds on your student account.

1)Sail 2)Student 3)Student Records 4)View Holds

How do I get a hold lifted?

You will need to determine which department has initiated the hold and contact them. These are the most common:

Final Transcript: Admissions Office in the Round Building--go there!

Alcohol Awareness: Take that on-line course!

Bursars: Please contact the Business Office at 361-825-2600. This is a financial hold so you probably need to go there--Round Building!

CASA: You will need to meet with your peer mentor. Please contact the CASA at 361-825-2893 or walk in to CASA!

COLA: Please contact your academic advisor by phone (not email) and schedule an appt. Need help? Contact the Islander Transition Center @

  361.825.5931 OR walk in at Faculty Center 148.

TSI: You will need to speak with a Retention Specialist in the CASA. Go there! ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Continue our discussion of the Moody reading.

Guided Reading Questions:

1. Why does Mama cry every time she is expecting a baby?

2. Describe Essie Mae's nightmare.

3. Describe Essie Mae's early contacts with whites. How does she learn that whites and African Americans are different?

4. How does Essie Mae learn that “race” is a social construct (that society dictates who is “white” and who is “black")?

5. What happens between Essie Mae and Mama as it pertains to church?

6. Who is Mrs. Burke? What does Essie Mae learn from her?

7. Is Essie Mae successful in school?