1) Short Game Project team meetings.

2) Discussion of Cherokee Nation book (through chapter 3).

Chapter Two:

What national security challenges did relations with Native Americans like the Cherokee raise for the U.S.?

Who was Henry Knox? What is the policy of civilization? In theory, how was it supposed to work? Why did Americans believe it would?

How could the the policy of civilization mutually beneficial to Americans and the Cherokee people?

In what ways did the Cherokee assimilate? How were they able to organize their government? Why did the Cherokee people acquire slaves? Why is this problematic?

Chapter Three:

Why was Indian removal the "only" option for the U.S. government in their dealings with the Cherokee?

If "detribalized" Cherokees decided to remain in designated U.S. states, were they entitled to all rights of citizenship?

How did the War of 1812 and the Market revolution affect the life choices and circumstances of the Cherokee? What forces (as a result of these events) shaped their lives?

Why is the Indian Removal Policy largely associated with Andrew Jackson?

How was the U.S. Constitution used against the Cherokee? What did it prohibit?