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6. Who is Charles Murphy? What is Tammany Hall?
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Discussion of Prologue and Chapter 1:

[[Attach:vonD.pdf|Von Drehle's Triangle prologue ]]

[[Attach:vonD1.pdf|Von Drehle's Triangle chapter one]]


1. What is Misery Lane?

2. Why were 100,000 people drawn to Misery Lane?

3. What is the date and location of the Triangle Waist Co. fire?

4. What was the blast signaling the future?

Chapter One

1. Why was Charlie Rose hired to beat up Clara Lemlich?

2. What were some of the worst parts of work life for the garment workers?

3. Why were immigrants coming from Eastern Europe?

4. What was home life like in the tenement buildings?

5. What is the WTUL? What was the group fighting for?