Discuss "The Slave Ship" chapters two & three.

PDF copy of Rediker's Chapter Two

PDF copy of Rediker's Chapter Three


Chapter 2

  • What specific technological advances in shipbuilding enabled the rise of "a world market and an internationalist capitalist system"? How was the slave ship and its crew central to that systems development?
  • Define the triangular trade. How does this concept help us to understand the movement of peoples across various locations around the globe?
  • How did slave traders like Postlethwayt rationalize their involvement in the trade?
  • How was a typical slave ship's crew organized? What function did each crew member perform? (Hint: there are several roles)

Chapter 3

  • Rediker claims,"Slaving[ in the interior of Africa] had gone on for centuries." What factors shaped or enabled the slave trade to thrive in West Africa?
  • How did competing interests among various cultural groups create conflict among the people of the region? How did this conflict lend itself to the development of the slave trade?
  • What were some of the means through which slaves were taken from their native lands? How did this dispossession affect them? What are some of the long lasting consequences of this dispossession?