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[[Attach:redikerseven.pdf|PDF copy of Rediker's Chapter Seven]]

[[Attach:redikerchapteeight.pdf|PDF copy of Rediker's Chapter Eight]]

[[Attach:redikerchaptersnine.pdf|PDF copy of Rediker's Chapter Nine]]
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Discuss Rediker reading chapters 7-9.

'''Chapter 7'''

* Why do you think Rediker titled Chapter 7 Own
* Who licensed the Captains to use corporal punishments? Why? And what are the punishments for rebellion?
* The average number of voyages for a captain is 2.2. But some captains survived up to 5 voyages. Anyone who survived four voyages or more would likely have made a small fortune. What are the main reasons why Captains go on more than 2.2 voyages? (Name specific times and reasons from the text)
* Why are the Merchants so important?

* How did the Captains recruit the sailors, first mates, and different positions on the boat? What kind of men did he look for?

* What types of specific torture occurred to the slaves and the crew in Chapter 7?

'''Chapter 8'''

* In order to ship 3.5 million slaves into the New World, how many men would they have to hire for their crew?

* Most of the sailors came from a poor background but who was already a member of a distinctive culture. What did he learn about being a sailor?

* Sailors become something more than sailors when they arrived on the coast of Africa, what other duties did the sailors have to complete at the end of the voyage?

* Even though captains and officers were the prime agents of discipline on the ship, who mainly showed social violence and why?

* What caused the crew of the ship to die in greater proportions than the enslaved?

* What caused an urban insurrection in Liverpool on the Derby ship?

'''Chapter 9'''

* How were a multiethnic mass of Africans, thrown together on a slave ship, learn to act collectively?
* How was a culture among the enslaved, created below deck?
* What types of work were the enslaved assigned and in some cases, entrusted to do?
* What means of communication, and expressive culture were the enslaved from various nations able to establish? How did self expression help the enslaved to become ''shipmates''?