Discuss Rediker chapters 4, 5, 6 & 7.

Chapter 4

What facets of the ship astonished Equiano?

In what ways was the use of language a means of resistance for the enslaved?

What was Equiano's strategy of resistance while on board the ship?

How did Equiano make an effort to maintain his identity, culture?

What type of separations did Equiano experience? How did he respond to his dispossession?

Chapter 5

Describe Stanfield and his background. Why is he the most suitable person to write about the slave trade?

According to Stanfield, where was the first link in the chain of enslavement forged?

In what unscrupulous ways were sailors lured or captured to work aboard a slave ship?

What cruelties did they experience?

What dual role were sailors like Stanfield expected to fulfill?

How did Stanfield depict Africans (and their societies) that he made contact with?

Offer specific examples.

Chapter 6

Who is John Newton? How is he connected to Equiano and Stanfield?

What were the circumstances surrounding his own enslavement?

Describe each of Newton's voyages. How did they differ from one another?

What similarities do they hold?

In what ways did Newton use his Christianity to rationalize his involvement in the trade?

Justify his actions?