Today we will receive our art music artist for the final project. It is time to get to work! Bring your laptops, etc. to start our research!


Do some quick research to find out what type of music you have been assigned.

1. Is it an opera or a single piece of music? If it is an opera, what is the story of the opera? Who are the main characters? What is the plot line? If it is a piece of art music, what are the major themes that arise from the piece, according to your basic research?

2. How long is it? Does it have lyrics? If so, can you find them in English?

3. Who is the composer? When was the piece composed? Was this a significant time in history? Why? At what stage in his or her career was the composer while composing the piece?

4. If you were assigned a topic that primarily requires research about a composer you will still need to identify some of his or her major works and use them in your presentation.

5. As you not all of these things you should also be keeping a list of all of the ideas you have that link the two artists you are assigned. Write down all of your ideas so you don't forget to follow up on the good ones.

6. Time allowing, find the music and listen to it.