Mandatory Rough Draft for OHP due today by 11am via BlackBoard. Here is a sample OH paper:

A Sample Oral History Paper!

Reading seminar discussion over "The Killing Zone" by Frederick Downs pp. 15-95.

Please note: There is a glossary of military terms in the back of the book.

Guided Reading Questions:

1. Who are the gooks? The dinks?

2. What is H and I fire?

3. In what ways do the soldiers interact with the Vietnamese?

4. Why do the soldiers destroy the hooches?

5. What role do the helicopters play?

6. Why does Mann drink coffee? What are some of the other rituals the soldiers engage in?

7. Why is section one entitled, "The Bridges?"

8. Why were the soldiers so surprised to learn that the VC were playing cards?

9. What does Downs mean when he says, "It's a hell of a try to fight a war with all these goddamn civilians around?"

10. Why do the Vietnamese invite Downs to dinner?

11. Why does Downs say he will never trust another dink?