Reading Quiz Five in Seminar class.

Reading seminar discussion over "The Killing Zone" by Frederick Downs, entire book.

Guided Reading Questions:

Remember: The key to getting a high quiz score is using specific evidence from the book!

Why is Downs writing this account? Tip: Take a look at the preface for a hint.

What are Downs' expectations when he first arrives in Vietnam? How are these expectations challenged? Why does he go to war?

How would you describe Downs' early encounters with the Vietnamese people? Keep in mind that there are different categories of Vietnamese--civilians, fighters, ARVN. Why do the soldiers refer to the Vietnamese as "gooks" or "dinks?"

What are some of the examples of the daily challenges faced by the American infantry soldiers in Vietnam? How did the environment itself fight against the American soldiers?

How did various soldiers deal with the strain of war?

Describe some commonalities between the Americans and the Vietnamese.

What does Downs say about racial relationships in the platoons?

How does Downs' view of his leadership capabilities change over time?