APA Workshops or Emmett Till video and discussion.



The quiz will cover Parts I & II in "Coming of Age in Mississippi."

Guided reading questions for Part II:

1. Who was Emmett Till? What happened to him?

2. What is the NAACP?

3. Why does Anne call some black men "cowards?"

4. What happens to the Taplin family? Why?

5. Why does Anne go to Baton Rouge? What does Anne learn there?

6. What is the nature of Essie's relationship with Wayne?

7. Why does Anne go to New Orleans? What does she learn about work in the chicken factory?

8. Why does Anne go back to New Orleans? What does Lola teach her?

9. Who was Samuel O'Quinn? Why does his murder turn Anne into a loner?

10. What happens to Emma?

11. How do the politics of the 1950's shape Anne's feelings toward white people?

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