I. Discussion of Self-Knowledge and Learning

II. Field trip to Health Center and Counseling Center

III. Read and discuss Jackson's The Lottery.

The Lottery

GROUP 1: What do you believe the “lesson” in the The Lottery is?

GROUP 2: Explain Mr. Hutchison’s response to Tessie’s protests.

GROUP 3: Why do you think the lottery began?

GROUP 4: How can we explain Mrs. Delacroix’s actions at the end of the story?

GROUP 5: Why do you believe Shirley Jackson spent so much time explaining that “the box” was new?

GROUP 6: How did Mr. Summers get the job to run the lottery and what significance does that have? Why does no one in the story raise an ethical objection to the lottery?

ALL GROUPS: What do you think Jackson is saying about the “banality of evil” in this story?