On-line Class.

Please see Blackboard to enter your journal after the exam. Please answer the following questions.

1. Approximately how many days before the exam did you begin studying? About how many total hours did you spend studying for the exam? 2. What study aids did you use while preparing for the exam? E.g.: Class notes, SI session, Mentor, Textbook, sample MC questions, outline, flashcards, etc.? 3. What grade do you think you earned on the exam? 4. In your own words, write 5 paragraphs about your exam experience. Did you study enough? Did you get enough rest before the exam? Did you feel nervous or panicky while taking the exam? Did you feel the exam was fair? Which parts did you find the most difficult? Did you use the exam-taking strategies discussed in Seminar class? What might you do differently to prepare for the next exam?

The journal is due by midnight (CST), October 7, 2014.