Sample Quizzes

In class: Discussion of chapters 4, 5, & 6.

Von Drehle's Triangle chapter 4

Von Drehle's Triangle chapter 5

Von Drehle's Triangle chapter 6

Guided reading questions for chapter 4:

1. What was the typical experience of a young Jewish female worker at the Triangle Waist Co.?

2. What were the pogroms?

3. Who was Rosie Freedman? Is she typical?

4. What was the experience of immigrants when they first arrived in NYC?

5. What was the Educational Alliance?

6. What did the workers do for fun/or on days off?

7. How does Vesuvius drive immigration?

Guided reading questions for chapter 5:

1. How well-prepared were the workers in case of fire?

2. How does the phone system impede warnings regarding the fire?

3. What were the fire escapes like?

4. Why is Blanck "paralyzed?"

5. How effective are the fire fighters?

Guided reading questions for chapter 6:

1. What happened when a worker "failed to choose?" What kinds of choices were made?

2. What's the difference between 4:42 and 4:45?

3. What were some of the innovations available at the time--but not implemented at Triangle Waist?

4. What are some of the potential causes of the fire?