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[[Attach:missing.pdf|Von Drehle's Triangle missing pages from chapter one ]]
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1. Why does Von Drehle title chapter one, "Spirit of the Age?"

2. Why was Clara Lemlich beaten up?

3. Why does Clara report feeling humiliated in the workplace?

4. What are the best and worst parts of tenement life?

5. What are the symbols of progress in the description of the Hudson-Fulton celebration?

6. Who/what are the Progressives?

7. What is the political machine? Who are the 'moving parts' of the machine? What are the inputs? The outputs?
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*First-year female students should consider attending Girls' Night Out tonight (6pm) at the UC!
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** Will also need access to this for a future class!
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*Don't forget that attendance at S.I. sessions counts for CASA visits!
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*Three bluebooks should be delivered to me (without writing on them) before Exam One!
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* First History Reading Quiz on %red%''SEPTEMBER 8''.

* Our %newwin%[[|Dyad Facebook group]] is a great place to ask each other about class-related stuff :)
** Will also need access to this for a future class!

* FREE planners available for all students in UC 206. Stop by and pick one up!
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The Readings:
[[Attach:vonD.pdf|Von Drehle's Triangle prologue ]]

[[Attach:vonD1.pdf|Von Drehle's Triangle chapter one]]
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Seminar questions addressed in class:
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Discussion of The Triangle, prologue and chapter one.

Guided reading questions:
1. What is Misery Lane?
2. Why were 100,000 people drawn to Misery Lane?
3. What is the date and location of the Triangle Waist Co. fire?
4. What was the blast signaling the future?
Chapter One
1. Why was Charlie Rose hired to beat up Clara Lemlich?
2. What were some of the worst parts of work life for the garment workers?
3. Why were immigrants coming from Eastern Europe?
4. What was home life like in the tenement buildings?
5. What is the WTUL? What was the group fighting for?