Discuss "Intercultural Communication Stumbling Blocks" by Barna

Barna reading PDF

Discussion Questions:

Is Barna correct in asserting that we rely to much on the assumption that "people are people?"

What is ethnocentrism? Is this a risk when we abandon the "people are people" mindset?

How important is intercultural communication competence (defined by Barna) in today's world?

Can't we be incompetent and just rely on the pervasiveness of things we share because of spreading Western culture (e.g.: movies, art, English, clothing, etc.)?

Do Americans students really scare away foreign students with their constant talking and smiling?

Barna says it is better to study the art, history, politics, and economics of a country before you visit rather than the "do's and don'ts" of the place. Do you agree or disagree with Barna?

Are there universal non-verbal signals associated with courting (i.e., attracting a person in a romantic relationship)?

Barna says culture shock is a state of "dis-ease" which is a play on the word "disease." Do you agree?

Do you agree with Barna that the anxiety provoked by a new culture can cause stress and even "culture fatigue?"