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Finding your vocation as it pertains to work.

[++++'''Welcome to Seminar!'''++++]
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%center%%red%[++++'''C'''%orange%'''A'''%yellow%'''R'''%green%'''E'''%blue%'''E'''%purple%'''R''' %black%'''DAY'''++++]...but not.

* Please take out a piece of paper and make two columns.
* Label one column "Career" and the other "job".
* You will have two minutes to write all the words you can think of that you associate with the two terms, "career" and "job".


* Take a piece of paper and a writing utensil with you as you walk around the room.
* Attach:HollandPartyWallNums.doc
* Attach:HollandPartyetcCareerLesson.doc

%newwin%[[|For further explanations, here is a great website.]]


* Think back to when you were a child. What did you want to be when you grew up?
* Make a list of ALL the answers you ever had to that question. Do not worry about how silly you think they sound. Just list them!


For further exploration:

* Using your RIASEC letters, look up three potential careers.

*Site ID: 0110532
*Password: [=R8b8b4D6=]
*For the Ability Profiler/Aptitude Test, Password: begin

*Complete the Interest Profiler and the Work Values Sorter