• Key leaders: Patrick Henry, Richard Henry Lee, Mercy Otis Warren(Bill of Rights)
  • What reasons did this group OPPOSE the ratification of the Constitution? What were there criticisms of the Constitution?

main concern: too much power of central govt, individual liberties not protected, ill-defined judiciary system, elites only care about elites, are they going to protect everyone or benefit themselves?


  • Key leaders: Madison, Hamilton, Washington
  • What reasons did this group SUPPORT the ratification of the Constitution?

Articles of Confederation- govt too weak, couldn't tax, no army, didn't protect people, no chief executive; wanted strong central govt, divided govt to 3 branches (legislative, judicial, executive), checks and balances

  • How many states were needed for the Federalists to get the Constitution ratified? What did they have to promise the American people?

9 out of 13, Virginia and NY support was needed most. Bill of Rights, Federalists Papers, being transparent,

Are these groups. political parties?

no, they are not political parties, they are political factions.

What 4 issues did the Constitution NOT DEAL WITH?

-slavery, "persons held to involuntary servitude", too divisive of a word -international threats, Spain and England -crisis on Indian frontiers, chapter 7, people tried to move west -debt- BAAAAAAAAAAAAAD, $54 mil federal, $18 mil states