Article Analysis

Bhavani Sunke ENGL 5376

The article "Biometric Authentication" Alfred C. Weaver is a professor of computer science at the University of Virginia.

In this article the author recognized the biometric techniques are being used against identical theft. He is also specifying the biometric techniques are more reliable indicators than the legacy systems like passwords and PINs?.

He mentioned two approaches of biometric i.e, behavioral approach and physiological approach. The behavioral approach includes signature recognition, voice recognition, Keystroke dynamics, and gait analysis. And the physiological approach includes finger prints, iris, retina scans, hands, finger, face, and ear geometry, hand vain and nail bed recognition; DNA and palm prints.

The author mainly focuses on the two popular biometric techniques. They are finger prints and iris scans. Before going into deep explanation he covered the basics of these two techniques.

What was the author's thesis? Did he talk about which biometric method was more effective? You might want to talk about the results of the study if there was one. Betsy