Core Outcomes

As part of the University Core Curriculum, the First-Year Writing Program helps students achieve these Core Curriculum Outcomes

  • CT 3: Analyze, evaluate, and synthesize information.
  • CS 1: Develop, interpret, and express ideas through written communication.
  • TW 1: Integrate different viewpoints as a member of a team.
  • PR 1: Evaluate choices and actions, and relate consequences to decision making.

ENGL 1302 Outcomes

The eight learning goals listed below describe the specific kinds of learning that ENGL 1302 faculty members expect you to achieve during the semester. This learning includes knowledge about yourself as a writer, your knowledge about the act of writing, and your abilities to use writing. For each of the goals, we expect you to expand your learning, building on what you know and know how to do at the beginning of the semester. Students' portfolios will demonstrate the extent to which they have achieved the following outcomes:

1)Identify how their views of writing have changed as a result of the work they have done in the course,

2)Demonstrate their ability to analyze different rhetorical situations (in academic, workplace, or civic contexts),

3)Demonstrate their ability to use their analyses of rhetorical situations to identify options and to make appropriate choices that will enable them to use writing to achieve specific purposes,

4)Demonstrate their ability to locate, read, evaluate, select and use (integrate) effectively information from appropriate sources with their own ideas

5)Demonstrate control of situation-appropriate conventions of writing,

6)Explain what they have learned from being a novice in new writing situations, and describe how these experiences, which might include failure, contribute to their willingness to accept new challenges as a writer,

7)Demonstrate their ability to collaborate effectively as members of diverse teams / groups of writers,

8)Evaluate the ways in which they have become a more reflective (mindful, self-aware, thoughtful) writer.