Friday's Class/Homework

First Part

Upload your complete Online Exhibit draft to the Blackboard Discussion Forum: 11/11 Online Exhibit Draft by your class time:

  • 1302.542: 12PM
  • 1302.540: 2PM

Peer Review two class mates by 12 noon on Saturday. You cannot review someone you did last weekend...

Address the following:

  • What is the name of the interviewee?
  • What is the time period and location of job?
  • What is unclear about the job? Be specific.
  • What information is given about the job?

Look over peer reviews and work on your draft.

Second Part

  • For Monday's class, turn in a 100-150 word reflection on the revisions you made to your draft based on the peer reviews. Upload this reflection to the Blackboard Discussion Forum: Online Exhibit Reflection