Online Exhibit/Symposium

Happy Friday!

Warm Up For Today's Lesson

-Get into groups of 4 based on the calendar's sticker color...

  • Pull out that sheet of paper from Wednesday's homework.
  • Talk about each group member's layout options. Out of the 8 layouts, pick the top 3 (as a group!) and write those on the board.

-While everyone is working, I will take attendance and prepare the board. We will discuss the options as a class.

What Are We Doing Today?

  • Creating a calendar
  • To access the Symposium Page, click here
  • Online Exhibit Draft
  • Source Review Update
  • Midterm Portfolio Grades
  • Midterm Grades
  • Homework
  • Questions?

Calendar Dates

Lets take some time to fill in these in...

  • Post-Interview Reflection due Monday 10/24
  • The Exhibit due November 16th
  • Exhibit Reflection due November 21st
  • Work in American History Essay due by December 6th (counts for Comp)
  • Symposium is on November 30th (counts for Comp)
  • History Exam #3 is on November 14th
  • Final Portfolio for Comp is due on December 9th

Online Exhibit Draft

-Dr. Brown provided the following information for the Online Exhibit:

a. After collecting your materials, we will put together the exhibit in class. Your section of the exhibit must include a 500- to 750-word historical essay as well as a minimum of two or three photographs.

b. You will be graded on your individual contribution to the online exhibit. There will be a separate grading rubric for this portion of the project.

Also, remember that this is about the person you interviewed and the work in a larger context.

Start a draft for the Online Exhibit. Think about the possible ways to begin drafting.

  • Outline
  • Free write
  • Mindmap

I will be going around the room to check everyone's progress


  • Work on Online Exhibit draft. Bring to class on Monday for a peer-review workshop.
  • Look over our Symposium wiki page. I have added information based on many concerns expressed in the Warm-Up's. We will go over more about the Symposium on Monday. To access the Symposium Page, click here


  • Try drafting or using an outline
  • Give yourself a goal. The final should be 500 words so give yourself a goal of 250 words for Monday if that helps.