Peer Review Workshop #2!

-Roll Call

-Homework for this weekend


  • How many of you found the peer review from Wednesday helpful? Why?
  • Why do we do peer review?
    • Edit your own papers
    • Pointing out things you already know but may have overlooked
    • The quality of your ideas and work will constantly be judged in the "real" world. How well can you can communicate to your audience through writing...

For today's peer review workshop...

-Upload your new draft to the Blackboard Discussion Forum: 9/13 GN Drafts

  • Your draft should have more than what you turned in on Tuesday
  • Go to your thread you created and just reply to your first post. Upload the new document.
  • For those of you who did not turn in a draft on Tuesday, go ahead and create a new thread. Upload the new document.
  • If you are using OneDrive?, please copy a link that allows the reviewer to "Edit-No sign in required"
  • Who will you review today?
  • Open the Word document that is in the writer's thread. (If there is not a Word Document, open a new one)
  • Create your entry under the existing commentary and type:
    • Reviewer: [your name]

Read over the draft and address the following:

  • Does the writer provide information about the interviewee? Write the answers to the following in the Word document:
    • Name
    • Age
    • Year Born
    • Relation to the student
    • Any other background information?
  • Does the writer state the purpose of writing this narrative?
  • Looking at the GN Assignment Description, does the draft address the following: (specifically state how the writer compares personal literacies to the interviewee)
    • compare the interviewee's experiences to your own
    • explore your own literacy history, habits, and processes to understand yourself better (and hopefully refine those for success in college), but also to better understand your family's history with literacy and explain those to others
  • In order to meet all of the expectations for the assignment, what does the writer still nee to add or expand?

Remember, this is a story...


1) Keep working on your draft this dont want to be working on this right before its due. You dont need that stress!

2) On Saturday, by 11:59 PM, post your GN draft to the Discussion Forum.

  I will be working on giving you feedback early Sunday morning so I need to see something from you.

3) Keep working on your GN even after you turn in your draft on Saturday.