Warm Up for Today's Lesson

-Log onto Blackboard and find the Discussion Forum: 9/23 Warm Up. Copy and paste your response to the reflection prompts below.

-Reflect on the following:

  • First, how does it feel to complete your first major writing assignment for this class? How do you think you did on the assignment? Did you allow yourself enough time to complete it? Why or why not?
  • Next, discuss your experiences completing the History Quest assignment for Dr. Brown. How was this assignment different from what you did in high school? Did this assignment change the way you think about History? Why or why not?
  • Finally, you have been in college for four weeks now...how are you doing? Do you feel you have adjusted to college life, or is there something you are still struggling with? Please explain.

What's Coming Up?

-Our next major assignment: Source Reviews

  • These will help you with your interview questions when you start interviewing on 10/7
  • These will also help with your final Work in American History Essay


  • GN
  • Reading Responses

-Midterm Portfolio

  • Homework for this weekend...

Let's switch gears and have some fun with rhetoric!

  • Thinking about your college experiences thus far, I would like you all to create memes! You need to consider the following:
    • Audience - Friends and family
    • Purpose - To inform
    • Context - College experience in 2016
    • Exigency - Convince the audience you are managing college life
  • Here is a meme generator you can use, though there are many more online: Meme Generator
  • Once you have created your meme, raise your hand so I can see it. Once I approve it, upload it to the Discussion Forum: 9/23 Meme

Homework (Due Monday, 9/26)

-First Part: -For this weekend's homework assignment, read two sections from the Framework for Information Literacy:

  • Authority is Constructed and Contextual
  • Pick another concept of your choice

-Second Part: -Write a 1-1/2 page, double-spaced response on the following:

  • How do you find information you need / want to help you make a decision or to learn more about an issue or concern or problem?
  • What news sources do you follow?
  • What kind of "news" interests you most? (local, regional, national, international; political, environmental, technology, health, entertainment, sports, etc.)?
  • Pick a quote from each concept. Do you agree with this quote? Do you disagree with this quote? Is it confusing? Or, do you understand it?
    • Make sure to put the quotes in your response.