Source Reviews

Happy Friday!

Warm Up for Today's Lesson

-Write a response to the following in the Blackboard Discussion Forum: Warm Up 9/30

  • What is the rhetorical context of the online exhibit?
    • Writer
    • Audience
    • Purpose
  • How does your source support your online exhibition?

-While you write you responses, I will take roll. We will discuss your responses after.

What Will We Be Doing Today?

  • GN grades
  • Homework
  • Example of an Annotated Bibliography.
    • (One way you can review a source.)
  • Discuss what we need to do for the source reviews.
  • Begin drafting!

Source Review Assignment Description

What Information Should You Include?

  • Summary
    • Summarize the article.
    • What is the argument or purpose? What is the explicit or implicit argument or conclusion of the text?
  • Does the source use any key words? If so, what are they?
  • Evaluate the source. How does this help you with your Online Exhibit? How does this source help you create interview questions? Why is this source significant to your work?
  • Do your sources support each other?


  • Provide citations. You can format your review as an annotated bibliography by putting the full citation above the review. If you choose to format your review in a different manner, make sure to provide a Works Cited page.
  • Write a total of 2 reviews, one-page each. Double-spaced, 12-point font, Times New Roman, 1-inch margins.
Group Discussions

-In groups of four, discuss the source review requirements.

  • Do you have any concerns about writing the source reviews?

-We will discuss as a class.

Begin Drafting...

  • I am giving you time to do this in class. Please take advantage of starting now. Use this time to ask questions as well.


  • Continue your draft this weekend. Have an honest effort draft ready for workshops on Monday.
  • Make sure you have both sources read this weekend. The source reviews are due on Wednesday, October 5th. Try to get as much work as you can done this weekend!

Have a Great Weekend!