Online Exhibit Peer Review

Warm Up For Today's Lesson

-Write a response to the following in the Blackboard Discussion Forum: Warm Up 11/14

  • Upload your reflection on the peer-reviews you received. Since this was homework, all you have to do is upload it!

What Are We Doing Today?

  • Signing up for Symposium (I will pass the sign up sheets out when we do the workshop)
  • Online Exhibit Peer Review Workshop
  • Work on Online Exhibit Process for Symposium Trifold
  • Homework
  • Wednesday's Class

Online Exhibit Peer Review Workshop

1)Since you worked on your Online Exhibit draft over the weekend, upload your latest draft to the Blackboard Discussion Forum: 11/14 OE Peer Review Workshop

2) Pick a person you have not reviewed before and focus on the following:

  • Is this a complete draft? If not, what recommendations do you have for the student in order to work be prepared to turn it in on Wednesday?
  • What is the name of the interviewee?
  • What is the time period and location of job?
  • What is unclear about the job? Be specific.
  • What information is given about the job?

3)Complete your peer review response and submit it by responding to the thread from the student's post.

Online Exhibit Process

For the Symposium's trifold, we are asking that you include a section on the process of your Online Exhibit. What did you do to get this assignment done?

Begin drafting your process. I will go by and check on your progress.


Complete Online Exhibit draft and be ready to submit it on Wednesday.