Online Exhibit/Work in American History Essay

Warm Up For Today's Lesson

-Write a response to the following in the Blackboard Discussion Forum: Warm Up 11/7

First Part of Reflection

  • Did you submit your Online Exhibit draft and your responses on time?
  • If you did both parts, draft and responses, did you find the assignment difficult, easy, useful, boring? Explain.

Second Part of Reflection

  • First, have you registered for the spring semester? What was the registration process like for you? Did you get the classes you want?
  • Next, what do you think the biggest differences will be between the fall and spring semesters? Do you feel prepared for the spring semester? Why or why not?
  • Finally, if you celebrate Thanksgiving, tell me about a family tradition. In other words, do you meet at the same person's house every year? Or, are certain family members responsible for making a specific dish?

While you write your responses, I will take attendance. After you finish writing, we will discuss the first part as a class.

What Are We Doing Today?

  • Discuss Friday's assignment
  • Dr. Brown's response
  • Outlining/Drafting an Essay Plan for the Work in American History essay
  • Homework

Dr. Brown's Feedback

1) Can students use the online exhibit as a primary source? Can the online exhibits be used as a source for information (primary, secondary, or just general info)?

"The primary source is their interview (and they only need one). Outside of that, they should be using the textbook, academic journal articles, and other peer-reviewed secondary sources. The online exhibit in general can be used as a secondary source (if they want to use someone else's exhibit). At this point, they shouldn't really have to do too much more research since they have the one primary source, the textbook, and the two articles that had found earlier. They will be docked points for using non-academic sources."

2) For the online exhibit, does the board need to have a certain background/color scheme?

I will be going over this later on. We will focus more on the content of the board first and the color scheme/background will be part of the final stages.

3) Will the SI sessions help with the Work in American History essay?

"No, the SI sessions will not help. Certainly Jeff could help some since he has experience writing historical essays, but SI Leaders are not trained in writing and they should be using that time to study for the exams."

4) Where can we look for primary sources?

"They do not necessarily have to use their own person/exhibit for the essay, but they would be required to then find another primary source (if that's the case, you should direct them to the history liaison librarian Nicole Cubillas for help finding another primary source). You should really, really encourage them just to use their own interview as their primary source, though."

5) Will the final essay be based off the two exhibits that the students have to review at the Symposium?

"No, the final essay should not be based upon their symposium reviews. It should connect their research from creating the online exhibit to larger themes and trends in American History (see the list of ideas on the assignment directions)."

7)Will points be taken off for more than 7 pages?

"Yes, points will be docked for going over or under or otherwise not following the assignment directions."

Prewrite/Outline for the Work in American History Essay

Write your submission in the Blackboard Discussion forum: 11/7 Work in American History Prewrite/Outline

  • Be sure to include the prewrite and writing checklist

1)Create a writing checklist

2)Work on an outline or essay plan for the Work in American History Essay

Make sure to look at the directions provided by Dr. Brown.



Work on the Online Exhibit. You will turn in a complete draft this coming Friday.