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BeeFlores: MondayOctober17th

Midterm Portfolio

What Are We Doing Today?

Warm Up For Today's Lesson

-Essay topics

1. Do you agree with Eric Foner’s assertion that the 1920s brought “a new conception of freedom…centered on respect for civil liberties and cultural pluralism” (p. 637)? Assess Foner’s argument, paying particular attention to political, judicial, social, and cultural changes in the decade.

2. The Cold War has been a consuming preoccupation of Americans for almost half the twentieth century. Discuss the US foreign policies and entanglements abroad that shaped its involvement in the Cold War.

-Make sure to look at the Exam 2 Study Guide. To access the guide, click here

History Exam #2 Outline Discussion

Which essay will we discuss? Pay particular attention to dates and chronology

In groups of 4, follow the instructions below according to the letter I assign:

Group A

-Work on the introduction for the essay question we chose. Also, create a working thesis. Make sure to following the following advice from Dr. Brown:

Group B

-Work on the one of the body paragraphs by creating a general outline.

Group C

-Work on the one of the body paragraphs by creating a general outline.

Group D

-Work on a conclusion for the outline

We will discuss as a class after about 15 minutes of group discussion.

Post your section in the Discussion Forum thread: 10/17 Exam 2 Outline. In the Subject box, put the section your team worked on

Hyper Links

Make sure you have created a folder in your One Drive with your piece(s) of evidence and your draft.

We are going to work through this as a class. I am asking that you create hyper links in your One Drive account to make it easier to read the Reflective Overview.


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