Online Exhibit

Warm Up For Today's Lesson

-Dr. Brown provided the following information for the Online Exhibit:

a. After collecting your materials, we will put together the exhibit in class. Your section of the exhibit must include a 500- to 750-word historical essay as well as a minimum of two or three photographs.

b. You will be graded on your individual contribution to the online exhibit. There will be a separate grading rubric for this portion of the project.

-Write a response to the following in the Blackboard Discussion Forum: Warm Up 10/24

  • Write the two quotes you picked from the reading.
  • What is the rhetorical situation of your own Online Exhibit?
    • Who is the audience?
    • What is the purpose of this exhibit?
    • Who is the writer?
  • What concerns do you have about the Online Exhibit? Do you understand what you are going to do? What information do you need to prepare you to write? Clarity of directions? More information to include in the Exhibit? More research to do?

What Are We Doing Today?

  • Brainstorm Online Exhibit
  • Homework
  • Naming What We Know quotes

Online Exhibit

  • To access the Online Exhibit Reflection directions, click here

Group Discussions

Get into groups of 4 and discuss the following:

  • Share the quotes you chose from Naming What We Know TC 2.1
    • How does this TC support your Online Exhibit?
    • What is the purpose of TC 2.1?

We will discuss this as a class...


-Look up an Online Exhibition. You can literally just Google: "Online Exhibit"

  • Pick one and take some notes on what you see.
    • What is shown?
    • What is the rhetorical situation?

-Be sure to be prepared to talk on Wednesday about the Online Exhibition you found.