Online Exhibit

What Are We Doing Today?

  • Let's take a look at Dr. Brown's example for the Online Exhibit
  • Online Exhibit Peer Review Workshop
  • Homework

Dr. Brown's Online Exhibit Example

  • Try to stay in past tense
  • "If I were to have photographs, etc., I would include an action shot of Michelle teaching, one of her in her office with a diploma in the background, and probably a pic of a giant stack of papers"
  • "They should focus on their person and occupation, although if needed, they can bring in outside sources if cited (like a journalist would since there are no footnotes)"

Warm Up for Today's Lesson

-Get into the groups you were in on Friday. Upload your Online Exhibit draft to the Blackboard Discussion Forum: 10/31 Peer-Review Draft

  • In the Message box, put Reviewer: [your name] and write a response to the following (you can use bullets for this):

1. Where does the writer need to provide more details about the interviewee? Why?

  • What information is missing? What do you think needs to be provided for the audience?

2. Where does the writer need to more provide details about the type of work the interviewee does/did in South Texas?

  • What information is missing about the type of work? What information would you like to know about this type of job?

3. Is the time period provided?

4. Is the location in South Texas provided?

Online Exhibit Brainstorming Sheet: Click here.


  • Look at the feedback provided by the peer reviewer.
  • Work on the Online Exhibit draft. Try to have at least half a draft (250 words) for Professor Riley's class on Wednesday.
    • If you need help, make an appointment with the Writing Center or come by my office hours.
  • Make sure to look at the Symposium Information page in case you haven't already. To access the Symposium Page, click here
  • Also, make sure to take a look at Dr. Brown's Work in American History Essay Assignment Description. (This can be found on her Blackboard.)