Warm Up for Today's Lesson

Respond to the following in the Discussion Forum in Blackboard: 9/26 Warm Up.

  • Please discuss your concerns about the South Texas History Project we discussed in Compinar. What are your concerns about this project?

-Roll Call!

-GN Grades

Class Discussion

-Let's discuss our reading that we had for today. Framework for Information Literacy

-We read:

  • Authority is Constructed and Contextual
  • One of the other concepts:
    • Scholarship as Conversation
    • Research as Inquiry
    • Searching as Exploration
    • Information has Value

-Let's get into groups based on the second concept we chose to read...

-With your group members:

1) Discuss the second concept. Be prepared to share with the class...

2) How does this concept support or connect to "Authority is Constructed or Contextual?"

3) How do these concepts affect the research you will be doing?

4) How do these concepts relate to your past experiences with research?


-Make sure you have taken advantage of your visit to the library today in Professor Riley's class!

  • For Wednesday's class, have access to the one source you should have found today in Seminar. I am not assigning any reading or writing so try to do as much research as possible