Welcome to this course!

Before we begin introductions, letís make sure everyone is in the right place.

  • Log into your computer>Open Internet browser>Open Black Board
  • Log into to BB> go to My Courses> make sure you are in the right class

How will we be using Wiki and Blackboard in this class?

  • Class plans, course information and assignment descriptions will be posted on my wiki page
  • I will only use Blackboard to post your grades and send class emails. You will also upload a few assignments to BB.


  • Me
  • You! What is your name? What do you prefer to be called? How was your name chosen or tell use a story about your name.

Letís set up our OneDrive?

  • Log into Islander email>OneDrive?>Create three separate folders.
  • Make three:
    • Lastname_F16_ENGL1302 (Course Folder)
    • Lastname_F16_ENGL1302_PortOne
    • Lastname_F16_ENGL1302_PortTwo

If you have a Facebook account, please add yourself to the closed group for this class.

ENGL 1302.540_Bee

ENGL 1302.542_Bee


-Read the Syllabus [find on Wiki] -Open a Word document and title it [Lastname]_Introduction. Save to One-Drive under Portfolio One:

  • Write an introductory paragraph that provides the following information:
    • Your name-what do you preferred to be called
    • Your major?
    • Where are you from?
    • What kind of music do you prefer?
    • Do you work or participate in extracurricular activities?
    • Do you have any questions or concerns about this class?
    • What do you hope to learn this semester in ENGL 1302?
    • Reflect on key terms: audience, rhetorical situation, purpose, and genre. What do you think writing is? What do you know about these key terms? What are your preconceptions about writing?

This will count as evidence of your Learning and Engagement.