Source Reviews


Warm Up For Today's Lesson

-Get ready for our Source Review workshop...

-Upload your source review draft to the Blackboard Discussion Forum thread: Warm Up 10/5

  • In the Message box, write questions and/or concerns you have about the source review.

What Are We Doing Today?

  • Source Review Workshop/Mini-Conferences
  • Homework
  • Friday...

Source Review Workshop

  • Who is the author?
  • What is the title?
  • In which section is the summary of the review?
  • How does the writer say this review will help with the Online Exhibit?
  • How many source integrations does the review have?


  • Submit your Source Reviews by 11:59PM tonight on Blackboard. (It will be in the Assignments section.)
    • Before you turn it in, go to the Writing Projects tab and look at the Assignment Description for Source Reviews.
      • Do your source reviews address the information you should include?