Game Plan for Today

-Roll Call

-Generational Narrative Drafts

Peer Review Workshop

-Each person will review the person under their own draft in Blackboard...Dont worry I'll explain!

-You will open two windows and go to Blackboard.

  • Find the person's outline.
  • Have both of these documents side by side.

-In a Word Document, address the following...

  • How does the outline compare to the drafts? Is it following the outline? Does it address the key points from the outline?
  • If the draft is not complete, what can you expect will happen next?
  • Looking at the GN Assignment Description, does the draft address the following:
    • compare the interviewee's experiences to your own
    • Your purpose in composing this narrative is to explore your own literacy history, habits, and processes to understand yourself better (and hopefully refine those for success in college), but also to better understand your family's history with literacy and explain those to others

-Upload your response to Blackboard in the thread from the person you are reviewing. Each peer review sheet must have your name (the person doing the peer review).

After Peer Review

-Keep working on your GN drafts


-Keep working on your GN Drafts. I will be going around the room on Friday and checking your progress. You should have written more than what you turned in on Tuesday.