Source Reviews


Warm Up for Today's Lesson

Source Review Assignment Description

Write a response to the following in the Blackboard Discussion Forum: Warm Up 9/28

1) My research is trying to learn more about_____________________________________.

2)Based on the article you found on Monday in Professor Riley's class, how do you know this source is reliable?

3) What is the rhetorical situation of this article?

  • Audience
  • Purpose/Subject
  • Writer

4) If someone viewing your exhibit questions you about your source, what would you need to tell them? *Hint: Question #3 helps to answer this...

-Roll Call!

-What will we be doing today?

  • Discussing what should be in your source reviews
    • We will begin drafting Friday!
  • Homework for Friday

Group Discussions!

-Get into groups of four and discuss the following:

1) What questions are the sources answering?

2) Why do we need to write about the sources? (Why are we writing source reviews?)

3) What do you think needs to be in a source review?

We will discuss your groups response as a class.


Do research! I am not assigning any reading or writing so that you can take advantage of this time to research. Be prepared to begin drafting for Friday.