For your first major Reflective Assignment, you will create your own Curriculum Vitae which will be submitted, along with a Cover Letter written for a scholarship or employment opportunity of your choice.

General information

A curriculum vitae or cv is the type of resume used in academia. It is what you will use to apply for scholarships, research positions, jobs at universities, or even graduate school. While a resume is usually only one page long, a cv may be many pages and should include everything you have done since high school. Your education including GPA and relevant coursework, work history (paid and volunteer), presentations, research experiences, and eventually publications should all be included. I want you to start this semester creating a long-form cv. This should include everything you have done since high school. Every academic seminar attended, each student organization you have been a part of, dates of every volunteer event, everything you can remember from the fall and updated each semester throughout your academic career. We will be visiting with the Career Services Center and I will share some examples to help with formatting ideas. The Career Services website includes a link to their Career Guide with samples of Letters of Application and Curricula Vita.

Along with your CV, you will submit a properly formatted Letter of Application or other appropriate cover letter. A "Cover Letter" is not just a letter you put on top, but the name of a certain kind of document with very specific (and detailed) rules for content and format. I will provide more examples in class, but for now you can just Google "Cover letter format" or "format Letter of Application" to get an idea what we expect.

A Letter of Application should always be written for a specific purpose, so it is up to you to choose an appropriate target. Each student will search online for a scholarship, internship, or employment opportunity that interests you (now or in the future). Write the CV and Cover Letter (or Letter of Application or Letter of Inquiry as appropriate) with this specific scholarship or employment target in mind. You do NOT have to submit the application or actually apply to the position, but even if your chosen target does not require the CV or Cover letter, both must be completed and submitted to me.

Submission Information

Make sure that both the CV and Letter of Application are properly formatted in Microsoft Word and attach them both to a single, professionally written BlackBoard submission. Into the text box, you should paste an introductory email (NOT your cover letter!) along with a link to or description of your chosen scholarship, internship, or employment opportunity. The CV and Cover Letter should be uploaded as attachments to the BlackBoard submission, NOT pasted into the text box.