Be respectful--common courtesy. Treat others as you would want to be treated. Value other's comments.

No insults! Criticize each other's opinions, not each other--Don't make it personal!

Lg. groups- Look at the speaker, don't sleep, no foul language, no personal attacks, no gum smacking. Respect the person on the floor- no talking or typing, etc.

Do not interrupt! You may be given the floor-holder's permission to speak/interrupt. Repeat offenders may be given a discussion time-out.

In large group, only the person with the conch/token may speak. (implemented only if we have problems with interruptions, etc.)

Time limit on small discussions involving only 2 or 3 people in the class.

Everyone has equal opportunity to speak. Paper balls are authorized for use against people monopolizing the conversation.

Small groups- each person should be assigned a role as needed(writing, reporting, mediating, researcher). Keep your attention within your small group--no mingling with other groups.

Have evidence to back-up your opinions--not random babble.

Cell phones off or silenced. Laptops only for particular assignment purposes (research in small groups, etc. in general, class exercises are planned without computer access).

Food permitted, as long as not disruptive (unless building monitor overrides!).

Leave it in the class. End discussion before leaving the room and leave behind all personal disagreements.