Reflect on your most recent exam...

1) At the top of the page...

  • When you walked into the exam, what grade did you think you would earn?
  • When you walked out of the exam, what grade did you think you had earned?
  • If you have already received your grades, what did you actually earn?
    • What does this mean?

2)Think of one stupid mistake you made on the exam. How can you keep from making that same mistake in the future?

3)Think of one question that was hard, but you know you got it right. How/when did you learn how to answer it?

4)Think of one question that you probably got wrong. What concept was it asking about? What could you have done to be better prepared to answer it?

5)How many hours did you spend preparing for this exam in the 5 days prior to the exam? How much time did you spend preparing during the 2 weeks before that? The material on the next exam WILL be harder. What will you do differently to be more prepared for the next exam?