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For the first portfolio, your Seminar theme is your personal goals and .

In addition to setting clearly defined goals for yourself for this semester, I expect to see evidence of your personal growth so far this semester. For many of you, this may include evidence of new experiences such as a grocery receipt from the first time you tried cooking for yourself or a copy of the pay-stub from your new job (please black-out all private information!!), or even a page from your day planner showing a meeting with your study group. You may also choose to include evidence of the communities you have recently joined (ties in with your composition project). Please remember that the Reflective Overview must address each piece of evidence individually, clearly explaining how that piece represents your personal growth or role in that community.

The second portfolio should focus primarily on your Growth and

I expect to see evidence of learning representing your academic growth so far this semester. Evidence for this portfolio may include things such as: a copy of a page of chemistry notes, your grade report from your Biology exam or a page of your composition paper showing peer editing. Regardless of the source of evidence, the most critical part of the portfolio is your Reflective Overview which describes each piece of evidence and tells me what you learned from that piece. I would like to see some reflection on your composition project as have you learned through the analysis of different perspectives?

The third portfolio represents the culmination of your first semester in college and is focused largely around Celebration Day. In fact, half of this Portfolio grade will be based on the poster you present at Celebration Day. In this Reflective Overview, I would like you to describe what you have learned from throughout the development of your Celebration Day project. If you worked in a group, please reflect on your group dynamic and the role that each member of the group played in the preparation of the research, poster, and presentation.

Next, please reflect on the personal and academic goals you set for yourself in September. worry so much about whether or not you met each and every goal, I am more concerned with your progress throughout the semester. Tell me about your academic and personal growth this semester. Please give specific examples of that demonstrate your learning and development. Finally, make a new set of goals, your New- Resolutions for next year. Be will you do throughout the semester to ensure that you are even more successful in the Spring!