Portfolio 2 is very similar to Portofolio 1, but there are a few key changes:

  1. The primary focus is on your adjustment to Academic Life. Please include evidence and analysis related to changes in studying, note-taking, test-prep, attendance of study groups or SI's, etc.
  2. The second component requires that you analyze and include evidence of two examples of connections between your learning community courses (Biology, Chemistry, Composition, Seminar, STEP math classes, even labs if you can't think of anything else!) Look for things you have learned in one class which have helped you to better understand material in a different class!
  3. The third component is evidence that your research is progressing for the Interdisciplinary Poster Presentation which your group will give at the end of the semester. Please include a brief description of the scientific mechanism you will be presenting as your final project as well as a link to evidence that you are conducting appropriate research (such as a link to a primary source scientific journal article).

All students are expected to submit Portfolio 2 electronically via a link to my wiki submissions site. The link you place on my page should take me to a page on your wiki site (with your name at the top of the page) which will allow me to quickly access your RO as well as an electronic folder of evidence. In addition to being uploaded to your evidence folder, each piece of evidence should also be incorporated into your RO via hyperlinked text. Your RO should NOT include any pictures, only hyperlinks TO the pictures!

Please follow the rubric carefully and ask me if you have any questions! Portfolio 2

Honors Applicant Option:
If you are applying to the honors program (not already accepted!), you may submit your honors packed in place of most of Portfolio 2. Please follow this rubric carefully and let me know if you have any questions. Portfolio 2 Honors (Please note: The honors components may be submitted via wiki or a paper folder, but the abstract and evidence of research for your Interdisciplinary Poster presentation MUST be submitted via wiki and properly linked to earn full credit!)