Seminar will not meet either day this week because of final presentations and First-Year Symposium

The last day to drop a class is Mon, Nov. 27th Please talk to your professor (and me!) before dropping! I will be in my office most of the day on Monday if you have any questions about classes or your final presentations.

Final presentation grading sessions Tues/Wed this week!

Remember to bring a hard copy of your full journal article to the final presentation for the judges to review.

First-Year Symposium 2017 presentations Thurs/Fri this week!

At this event, you should also spend about 20 minutes walking around evaluating other presentations--at least one science (not in your class) and one non-science presentation. Evaluation pages will be available at the event and should be returned to me during our next class, Dec 4/5.

Here are electronic versions of the self-evaluation of your research presentation and Peer-assessment of team collaboration which we handed out at the final presentation. Please complete these and turn them in to me in my office this week!

The final Achievement Portfolio is due Friday, Dec 1st!!! Email me with questions!